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In The Silence ©David G Smith  

She was always there for me 
She was always there 
With roots and canopy 
As unruffled as the morning  air  
I could count on her-ad-vice 
SHE was like a mother to me 
Now all I see in her vacant eyes 
(is) Vulnerability  

In the silence  
I’m learning how        
Two unfettered souls__ are talking now  

I didn’t know this language 
I didn’t know this life 
All I felt was the anguish 
(of) having to see her in a different light 
She used to be this one thing 
She was a rock for me 
But now there is this something--- new 

In the silence  
I’m learning how        
Two unfettered souls__ are talking now  

There are no rules 
There are no roles 
There is only real 
To FILL up all the holes______  

In the silence  
I’m learning how  
Two unfettered souls  
Have never been so close  
As we are right now 


Past Shows, Venues & Events:

Munn Arena, Michigan State University, MI 
Bluebird Cafe (since 1999), Nashville, TN 

BackstageAtTheBorder, WA 

Pete's Candy Store, NY 

Byron's Place, IA 

Ginkos Coffeehouse Concert Series, MN 

Rockin' On The River (w/ Kevin Gordon), IA 

Plaza Unplugged, CA 

Conway Muse, WA 

Fiddlers Dream, AZ 

Solid Grounds, NM 

Ellen Kennedy Fine Arts Center (w/ Justin Townes Earle), IA 

Tin Pan South Songwriter Festival, Nashville, since 2002 

Redstone Room, River Music Experience, IA (w/ Rory Block, Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis, Griffin House) 

SVE Auditorium, AZ 

Falcon Ridge Folk Fest/Lounge Stage, NY 

Sisters Coffeehouse, OR 

Uptown Bill's, IA 

Glacier National Park, MT

FT Cody Concert Series, NE

Brues Alehouse, CO

Botanica, KS

Old Courthouse Museum Concert Series, SD 

The Buttonwood Tree, CT 

The Listening Room, TN 

Lupus General Store, MO 

The Vessel, Shelter Island, CA

Various Fundraisers for Gilda's Club, Boys Town, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Rett Syndrome, Save-The-River, MD, Food Banks, Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Alzheimer's Research, Various Medical Facilities and Senior Citizen Communities
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